Our caring, compassionate, staff. 


Learn and compare your options. Prepare for probate.

Carol M. Thomas and Jim Thomas hold the most advanced degrees in law. They have over 30 years’ experience with helping families develop estate plans. Feel confident when you choose them to serve you. They are passionate about helping you develop a secure plan to distribute your assets and real estate to beneficiaries of your choice. They will assist you throughout the entire process, explaining all of your options from the beginning.

They will help you consider both wills and trusts — explaining the difference between the two, including revocable and irrevocable trusts. In order for these to be effective, they must be properly administered by a top notch legal team such as theirs so that your wishes are carried out. A will involves probate where a trust can remove probate and reduce court and added expenses in the future. They can help determine which is right for you. They start by getting to know you. They learn your needs, wishes, assets and interests. They will draft a unique plan made just for you and assist you all the way through the process.

They are compassionate and experienced to assist you.

Settling an estate of your loved one is a very detailed process with many, many complicated steps. They will be there for you throughout the entire process during your time so you can rest assured that everything is taken care of.

They will file the required paperwork with the court for probate documents and locate any wills.
They will help you create an inventory, appraisal and transfer of your loved one’s personal assets, paperwork and accounts.
• They will help settle all accounts and notify creditors as needed.