Our caring, compassionate, Medicaid staff. 

Protecting Assets from Nursing Home Expenses.

We are here to serve, guide and protect.

The biggest risk financially for someone over 70 years of age is losing their life savings to the high cost of nursing homes. Carol, Jim and Daron are a family of compassionate and highly-qualified attorneys in Elder Law. They are among the most experienced in the area and possess a wide range of advanced degrees and certifications that are not common at every law firm. Feel confident when you choose them to serve you. They have 30 years’ combined experience in nursing home protection and Medicaid planning along with an additional team of five Medicaid staff members at their office who specialize in this area of research and planning. They use a strategic approach because the Medicaid laws are complicated and consistently evolving. The attorneys stay current with updates on Medicaid laws and will work hard to assist you with the qualification of Michigan Medicaid. Their Medicaid planning team will research and strategize to prepare you for proper eligibility and they will never forget the impact this has on family members. They are here for you, please call today.

They are experienced in both immediate crisis management and long-range future planning.

Sometimes in a crisis, Medicaid planning requires immediate action to protect assets. Without proper planning, it’s common for families to lose life savings. They can make sure this doesn’t happen. They take pride and work tirelessly to help you in a difficult time. It’s very rewarding for everyone in their office to help clients through a crisis.

They offer more than legal advice. They council, mentor and guide you.

Carol M. Thomas, with her family, has 30 years’ combined experience in nursing home protection and Medicaid planning. Prior to Law School Carol had been a counselor, including teaching in the counseling department at Mott Community College. Carol has a Master’s degree in Education Administration and Counseling. Carol’s counseling and law degrees together make a perfect combination to counsel those who need help in a crisis, who may have Alzheimer’s or dementia or simply work through and talk about options so they may effectively prepare for their future.